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Step out of the Shadows and into the Spotlight

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It Is Time!

You have been searching, you know there is more.

You know you have a big heart and an important message to share

but you are not sure where to begin. 

Authors, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and New and Aspiring Speakers,
The World is Waiting for You!

Female Lecturer
Motivational Speaker
  • Imagine standing on a stage, looking out with confidence knowing you can make a difference with your message. 

  • Imagine having your dream clients and events reaching out to you because you know how to rock your talk!

  • Imagine traveling the world to share a message, or even delivering a talk virtually from the comfort of your home, that will not only transforms your audience but build your authority, impact and income! 

  • Imagine being paid what you are worth and stepping Out of the Shadows and into the Spotlight so you can live fully expressed, feel alive and live the life you aligned with your calling!

Are you ready to say yes to you?

This is an invitation to join me on a FREE Online Challenge for Women, to gain Clarity, Confidence

and Authority to Create Income Using Their Voice.

Calling All Women: It is Time You Stand in Your Power and Reclaim Your Life

But together we can change that.

Day One

Using your Voice to Share your Message and Amplify your Mission or Brand

Day Two 

Creating Confidence and Claiming Your Authority

Day Three

Monetize Your Message

Let's do this! Are you ready?

I see you, you have so much to share, but you are not sure you are ready to step into the spotlight.

You are feel unfulfilled and crave more out of life. More confidence, more money, more impact.

You have no clue what you need to get booked or how to deliver a speech that will inspire and create connections and opportunities. 

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Your Facilitator
Tiffany Carmouche

Best Selling Author, motivational speaker and Fine Arts Sculptor, Tiffany Carmouche, has spent two decades inspiring people to regain their confidence, renew their energy, tap into their zone of genius and creativity, and reclaim their life by stepping out of their comfort zone. As some tell you to niche your life down, she will inspire you to embrace the new renaissance and break the chains that confine you. She empowers people to speak with confidence, create without inhibition and to live fully expressed. 

Don't let her small frame fool you, standing 4'11 Tiffany is a powerhouse. She proves that dynamite comes in small packages. She is a master at communication. Tiffany raised over a half a million dollars for passion projects. She has sold millions for a fortune 500 company. She leads powerful workshops and life changing retreats globally. She has been a 4-time bestselling author and impacted hundreds to help change their life. 


Whether Tiffany is presenting at an International Peace Conference in Washington D.C. in front of world leaders, or she is leading an intimate retreat to help women change their paradigm, she brings the same energy, passion, and conviction.

Women she has coached have found themselves speaking on TEDx stages as well as in front of audiences of 25,000. But no matter the size of the stage, she teaches women to reclaim their voice while cultivating and nurturing their superpower. 


She loves service and has traveled the world working with the marginalized. Her devotion of helping others spills into all aspects of her life. Cancer Institute and Hospital Creative Healing Programs, Crisis Counseling, and Domestic Violence and Suicide Prevention, Dance Therapy and Youth Programs are just some examples of her outreach.


After suffering from devastating trauma, Tiffany realized her pain could be used to help others. She uses her heartache, her travels as well as her art to take her followers on a captivating journey of survival, self-discovery, self-care and empowerment. She captivates her listeners and clients and compels them to emerge into their masterpiece.

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