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Have you ever considered investing in a dream?

*Donations are Tax Deductible

I am interested in making a monthly tax deductible donation or a large tax deductible donation and would like to speak to you first. 

Dear Art Enthusiast,

My work is not possible without the support of art patrons and sponsors. Being an artist is not just about what I create, but it is how I see the world.  I have opened my eyes to the beauty, to the pain, and it is now my responsibility to unveil what I see.

Art can heal. Art can scream injustice. Art can be a voice for the voiceless.

This year I will take on very few commissioned pieces to work on two projects that are dear to my heart.


I have traveled the world working with the marginalized. I have been a crisis counselor, helped with the suicide and Trevor hotlines. I have slept on concrete floors in third world countries and worked in orphanages and homeless shelters worldwide.  Human dignity is something I am passionate about. That is one of the reason I am bringing my exhibition Our Stories on tour.

I will be creating several new pieces but most importantly will be sharing the message to see beyond the surface because all lives matter. 


The money from sponsors and patrons will pay for the materials, studio practice, receptions, PR,exhibitions,sharing the message and travel and fees for creation and exhibiting.


As well as the two foundries for work in     

Acrylic and Bronze.

Our Stories...

What lies beneath that smile? That gaze? The surface? Each day people cross our paths, but do we really know who they are?


Could it be that girl handing you your coffee is an honor roll student struggling with thoughts of suicide? Would a kind word help her say yes to life?


What if the irresponsible guy you cussed at for passing you on the highway heard his dad had a heart attack and was rushing to the hospital before it was too late? Would you have acted so angry?


Could it be, that the man cooking wings at the restaurant, has sketchbooks full of ideas that will make the world a more beautiful place if only you would ask to see?


What if the man sitting alone on the bus was not sleeping, but closing his eyes as he dreamed up a movie score that will one day bring you to tears?


Many of my pieces, some may say are unfinished. But I see the beauty in the raw, for we all are works in progress.  It is how we live our life that determines how the world will remember us, even after we are gone.


We each have a story.

What is yours?

Some Perks for Wonderful Patrons!

A Gift for You

  • You will be mentioned on my website, press releases, and in my social media Platforms.

  • You will receive an exclusive insight of the journey of an artist. You will get behind the scene messages, interviews as well as glimpses into the process.


  • You will receive monthly written, video or audio messages.


  • You will receive an invitation to visit my studio in the US for an opportunity to see my work in progress. (This can be a virtual tour if you are an international patron and can not make it to the United States.)This invitation is rare and intimate.


  • You will receive exclusive invitations to my book signings. 


  • You will receive exclusive invitations to the unveiling of my artwork.

  • You will receive discounts tickets to events and discounts on my paintings.


  • ​And you will receive special surprises, and opportunities to win additional perks and prizes.

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