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"If  you are looking for a speaker
who will not only touch your heart, 
but inspire your soul
Tiffany Carmouché is a must!"

A few Clips  Tiffany's Speeches Throughout the Last 10 years

with Raw Snippets of Speeches Included.

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Standing Ovations 


"I am totally fan girling! I died when I heard Tiffany Carmouche was going to be at the event! I knew I had to go! I have all of her books! I have followed her for years online but to meet her, get a picture with her and to have her sign all her heartpounding books was incredible. I am an addict! She is even nicer in person, if that is possible. FOREVER A FAN!"

  • Brenda Phyllips, Australia


"I didn't want to go. I hate events and was going through a crisis at home and the last thing I wanted to do was be around a bunch of women and pretend my world was not falling apart. I almost left but as she began to speak something happened. It was as if she knew my pain. Tears weld up in my eyes as she spoke and before long I was nodding and I knew that this is a new beginning, I am ready to dust myself off and I am ready to begin living for me." 

  • Stephanie Peters, Maryland

A Few Testimonials

 Freedom Coach for Women

Soul Sister Mastermind

"When Tiffany speaks you cannot help but hang onto her every velvety word.  She truly is a Master of the art of expression, spoken and shown.  She lights up the stage with her brilliance and humanity."

Client Creation Whizz
Newcastle, England

"Tiffany shares a hugely powerfully story of rising up from the ashes of despair, to create an incredible life of art, experience, service and joy."

 Musical mystic &,  mentor

Seattle WA


"Tiffany is one of the most captivating speakers I have ever heard. She takes us from suffering to inspiration in ways I had never seen possible. Her passion for art, travel, and love will leave you absolutely inspired."

Business Growth Strategist.
British Columbia, Canada

"Tiffany’s passion for her art is powerful - she is an artist to the core. Rising from the ashes, she is a true leader."​

Event Planner
Virginia, USA


"I have to be honest, I had never heard of Tiffany Carmouché and was nervous about hiring her at first. But someone had seen her and raved about her and convinced me to take the chance. She was passionate, engaging and got a standing ovation. She is electric!"

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