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Tiffany Carmouche

Fine Arts Sculptor

Best Selling Author, Socially Conscious Sculptor and Internationally Acclaimed Advocate, Tiffany Carmouché, reveals how art and creativity can be a radical form of healing for ourselves, for our communities, and for social change. She uses the arts to help people rebel conformity and ignite creativity as she empowers individuals to embrace self- expression, innovation and living life without regret. Her art, words, service and passion have touched and inspired people worldwide.

Tiffany speaks in front of national and international audiences, leads powerful workshops and retreats and uses a variety of the arts (Performance, Sculpture, Music, Dance, & Canvas) to convey her message for human dignity, healing, empowerment, and justice and help shift paradigms. 


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Through the arts, she encourages people to find strength, perseverance

and emerge from their brokenness to celebrate life.

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Youth Outreach

Hospital Outreach

Community Outreach

I am here to tell you there is life after abuse.
There are dreams after nightmares.
There is a rainbow after the storm.
We have within us the potential we never imagined.

I love working in bronze.

It is a reminder of our resilience.


For much like the process of creating a bronze sculpture, there are times we are carved, we are molded, we are cracked open, we are even burned,

and only because we have gone through the grueling process are we ready to be refined.

It is our struggles that give us our strength.

It is our trails that prepare us for our destiny. 

Art is
the soul...Exposed

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"Whether she is sculpting,
or creating a masterpiece in charcoal, paint or another medium, her talent never ceases to amaze me.

But what is so inspiring is her message.The world needs more Tiffany Carmouches to make it a more beautiful place."
Amber Bentley
Whether she is sculpting,


Art can heal. Art can scream injustice.    Art a voice for the voiceless.

"I explore themes of beauty, perseverance, consciousness, and identity in my work. I often model the human form. Using naturalism, I celebrate individual character and physicality, telling a story that goes beyond the texture of the hair, or contour of the face, allowing the viewer a glimpse into the life I portray.

Although I love the human form, I’m not confined to just realism. In my vibrant paintings of watercolor, acrylic and ashes I allow my artwork to explore as I plays with metaphors and abstract movement, pushing the boundaries of figurative art. The vibrance presents hope as I take the viewer on a journey that transcends existence. "


“I am deeply familiar with Tiffany Carmouché, her natural talent as an artist and her professional attitude towards achieving her expertise in sculpture. I met her in Pietrasanta, a world known artist colony where important artists like Botero, Henry Moore and the great Michelangelo came to work. Tiffany produces excellent artwork.”

~ Nilda Comas MFA, NSS

“Seeing Tiffany’s work is moving,”

Rev. Stephanie Vader, “creating artwork based on another human being is a powerful way of incarnating them.”

Laurel sculptor expresses nobility of perseverance.”

~Baltimore Sun

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After my husband emptied the bank accounts and abandoned me and my daughters I had two choices...become a victim or become empowered. 

I decided to find me again, I had lost myself trying to please everyone else. 

Have you forgotten to make yourself a priority?

When I finally said yes to me, I began living a life in tune with my calling. 

To be honest, I never would have imagined a few years later I would be flying to a Bohemian town in Tuscany to sculpt with some of my idols. 



Tiffany Carmouché


Through the arts, she encourages people to find strength, perseverance and emerge from their brokenness to celebrate life.


Conversations are important. And sometimes art is the only voice for the voiceless.

Founder Come Play In Utopia          Co-Founder Out of the Shadows    

Founder Finding Your Essence        Co-Founder The Creative Revolution


​©2016 by TiffanyCarmouche all rights reserved.​  

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