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Call in your dragon

Call in your dragon

Call in your dragon

Call in your dragon

Perfect Gift for that someone who needs to remember
just how incredible they are!

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Dragon Eye checkout-link-qr-code .png

Dragon teaches you to live a life of honor reminding you to rekindle your soul’s fire.

Dragon belongs to those who think and act with intense clarity of purpose.

Call in Dragon as your power animal when you are ready for the strength as a leader.

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I sculpted these dragon eyes to remind us that we are powerful beyond measure.


Each one is hand crafted and is one of a kind.

They come with a scroll that shares the powers of calling in your dragon.

And each one has a wooden stand to display your piece.

These are small enough you can leave them on a shelf,

on a mantel

or on a desk

when you want to recall your soul's passion, or the courage to conquer something you have been fearful to try. 

The Dragon Eyes are available in the Dragon Distillery in Frederick Maryland. Buy one the next time you go ax throwing!

Call in your dragon

Unleash your dragon.png

It is your time to stand in your power!

Dragon people personality traits and characteristics are:

  • Fearless.

  • Passionate.

  • Intensely loyal.

  • Not afraid of change.

  • Great sense of humor.

  • Think, speak, and act quickly.

  • Old soul – wise beyond years.

  • Not afraid to speak your truth.

  • Desires to rise above all circumstances.


Yes, make sure you go ax throwing!


But I know many of you are not local.

I wanted to be able to offer you an opportunity to get your Dragon Eye while they were still available

These are a limited edition. 

We are coming out of a pandemic

and the world has seen much pain.

Many of us lost ourselves 

and lost sight of our dreams.

You know you deserve more in life.

We need to be brave and step into our power. 

May this be a reminder of the amazing things you can accomplish when you believe in yourself. 

Order one for yourself and perhaps you know someone who needs to call on thier dragon as well!

Call in your dragon

Call in your dragon

Dragon Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Speaking Truths

  • Fearless

  • Passionate

  • Magical Ability(Manifester!)

  • Ancient Wisdom

  • Adaptable to Radical Change

  • Sacred Rage

  • Nobility

  • Worthy Causes

  • Sense of Humor

  • Psychic Ability

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purple and green dragon eye.JPG

“Laurel sculptor expresses nobility of perseverance.”

~Baltimore Sun

It is your time to reclaim  your power!

For a limited time they are only $55

Shipping is available only in the USA

Call in your dragon

Dragon Eye checkout-link-qr-code .png

Got your dragon eye and want to tell me how awesome it is and what you are ready to reclaim? I would love to hear from you!

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