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"A truly inspirational speaker. Tiffany tells of her triumph from abuse to Alaska. She’ll teach you how to crack open your shell and be the artist of your life."

  • Tara LeDuc, Canada


"She uses her heart ache, her travels as well as her art to take the audience on a captivating journey of survival, self-discovery and empowerment. " 

  • Rochelle Guzman, Maryland, US

"You did it all with compassion and passion.  You are so enthusiastic and caring. You help me see in me, things I never thought possible."

  • Briana Thompson, Arizona, United States

"Giving me hope, inspiration and motivation is a gift that I can not thank you enough for. What you are able to give women all around the world is an amazing and powerful thing. I am taking back control of my life and that feels good. Today I an starting out with Who am I? Let’s find out!" 

  • Cory Atkinson, United States

"Tiffany is one of the most captivating speakers I have ever heard. She takes us from suffering to inspiration in ways I had never seen possible. Her passion for art, travel, and love will leave you absolutely inspired."

  • Molly Knight-Forde, Seattle Washington

"Her words are like spun silk. What an amazing story of hope and breakthrough."

Joy Kingsborough, Canada

"Tiffany Carmouche what a powerful and expressive speaker! She lights up the stage with her imagery and presence. It was as if I was swept away to the different parts of the world as she told the stories so vividly. She has so much heart and passion and is all about helping others to create the life they so desire no matter what circumstances they find themselves in. As she escaped from an abusive relationship and went on incredible adventures to find herself it was through art, creativity, giving back and adventure that she truly found her way back to herself. I am so ready for my next adventure, thank you Tiffany for the inspiration to make it happen!"

  • Chantelle Adams, Canada

"Tiffany not only touches your heart, she reaches in and touches your soul!"

  • Mona Lisa Swarm, California, US

"Each experience stretched us and made us grow! I will never forget the feeling of swimming in the bio bay and glowing! Or dancing salsa on boat. You opened my eyes to the world. The house for abused women touched me so much; to know they have survived made me realize my possibilities are endless! You have changed my life."

  • Rheba Sheppard, Puerto Rico

"For years I have seen her in action. She works tirelessly in the accomplishments of these goals. She effects all those who are exposed to her programs. She has the ability to enliven and guide people to a recognition of their talents and the relationship between those talents and their lives".

  • M. Wilson, Washington DC. US

What people are saying...

"I have to be honest, I had never heard of Tiffany Carmouché and was nervous about hiring her at first. We had an international audience and I knew I would never hear the end of it if I did not chose the right person. But someone had seen her and raved about her and convinced me to take the chance. She was passionate, engaging and got a standing ovation. And I constantly hear 'when are we bringing her back.' If you want someone to ignite your audience she is a must! It turns she doesn't advertise because she doesn't need to. She is electric!"

  • Mary Denton, Virginia, US

"I didn't want to go. I hate events and was going through a crisis at home and the last thing I wanted to do was be around a bunch of women and pretend my world was not falling apart. I almost left but as she began to speak something happened. It was as if she knew my pain. Tears weld up in my eyes as she spoke and before long I was nodding and I knew that this is a new beginning, I am ready to dust myself off and I am ready to begin living for me.

  • Stephanie Peters, Maryland

"I know this is weird to say about a speaker you hire, but she was the sweetest one I have ever met. She not only inspired us while she was on stage, but off stage she was engaging, easy to work with and encouraging. She left our event and went to help out at a homeless shelter with one of the ladies. She truly is fun, lively, deep and compassionate. She radiates her message of living fully expressed. It is an honor to have met her."

  • Marsha Sanders, Untied States

"Traveling with you to Mexico to help you build homes and help at the orphanage changed my life."

  • Brittney Watson, Mexico

"I loved the Canvas and Cocktail add on. I had never painted before. Tiffany not only guided me, we laughed and I learned not to be afraid to explore with color. She is adorable and made me realize I need to connect with my inner child.  She  encouraged me to pursuit my dreams. "

  • Lisa Stewart, Untied States

"I am totally fan girling! I died when I heard Tiffany Carmouche was going to be at the event! I knew I had to go! I have all of her books! I have followed her for years online but to meet her, get a picture with her and to have her sign all her heartpounding books was incredible. I am an addict! She is even nicer in person, if that is possible. FOREVER A FAN!"

  • Brenda Phyllips, Australia

"Tiffany’s performance is truly captivating. She doesn’t just relay a speech but  truly gives a performance that will inspire you to break free of the stories and fears that keep you playing small. Her depth and passion ooze out of her. Tiffany is the sweetest soul and I loved hearing her story."

  • Jackie McDonald, Revelstoke, Canada

"After a lifetime of living for everyone else.

 I am finally ready to live for me. Thank you Tiffany!"

  • Mary Edwards, Chicago, United States

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