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I work in a multiple of mediums. I would love to celebrate you or a loved one in art for your home, to honor you at an establishment or as a gift. Or perhaps you are interested in one from my abstract series.

You can become immortal in bronze or predominantly displayed in clay. And many love my unique and empowering process with two dimensional art. 

You will notice, I do not have a sales page. I do not want to sell you anything.  My art is a personal journey and to be honest I do not want it in just anyone's home. To begin the process, we would need to begin a conversation. It is an intimate process. I only take on a few commissions at a time. I am working on a project I am passionate about but because of requests I have decided to take on a few commissions this quarter. You may be one of them. 


For a limited time, during my exhibition, my commissions will begin at only $6,500 for 2D Art and $18,000 for 3D Commissions. 

Please contact me if you are interested. Tell me a little about yourself and what type of piece you are looking for. Send me a request and let's chat. 

*A portion of all proceeds will be going to the Healing Exhibition, artwork and book release to help spread awareness of issues that celebrates courage and perseverance.  To find out how you can be involved, please click the link below. 


For a limited time I will be offering custom hand made  ornaments. If you would like to be the first to hear about this limited edition message me. 

andy ornament.jpg

Become a Champion of Hope,

Help Tiffany create a monumental sculpture!

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