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Live Fully Expressed

Imagine a life where you are eager to get out of bed.

Where you are so on fire for life

it seeps into all aspects of your day:

your job, your relationships,

your confidence even your mistakes!


You call back the power

you had allowed to escape

and you can't help but smile

because you are unapoligetically you

and you embrace every curve,

every quirkiness, every brilliance.

Breath in. Breath out...

now lets freefall into living your Life! 

"You did it all with compassion and passion.  You are so enthusiastic and caring. You help me see in me, things I never thought possible."

  • Briana Thompson, Arizona

​"Giving me hope, inspiration and motivation is a gift that I can not thank you enough for. What you are able to give women all around the world is an amazing and powerful thing. I am taking back control of my life and that feels good. Today I an starting out with Who am I? Let’s find out!" 

  • Cory Atkinson, United States

"After a lifetime of living for everyone else.

 I am finally ready to live for me. Thank you Tiffany!"

  • Mary Edwards, Chicago

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