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uses the transformative power of the arts,

sensory experiences and learning, to aid in stress relief;

 helping reduce blood pressure and anxiety, creating

paradigm shifts, and helping facilitate creative awakening.

In stimulating self-awareness, confidence, healing and building community, The Creative Healing Connection fosters opportunities for the participants to release stress, patterns, and limiting beliefs so that they can live a happier, more productive and fulfilling life as they

feel more alive, connected and at peace.

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Art and Healing Practicioners

Community Creativity Outreach

Training and Facilitation


The Creative Healing Connection

The Transformative Power of the Arts

Art saved my own life. During a traumatic time in my life the blank page and canvas became my savior. I have been using the healing power of the arts and experiences for over two decades in retreats for women to reconnect with their authentic self, with people overcoming trauma, for cancer patients during infusion, for youth and at-risk teens, for seniors, for businesses, and for overworked medical staff and caregivers.

Each experience has touched me but as the caregiver of my own mother, my hero, who had developed partial lobe dementia, the impact hit me on such a deep and personal level. My eyes filled with tears as she sang out confidently, remembering every note of the song as she lite up with such joy. At the time she could not tell you what day it was or who the president was but she did not forget the music. Music and the arts ignite something within our brains we are still trying to understand.

Some Of Our Programs

Often at the cancer institute when a patients’ blood pressure was too high to get chemo, I would go into the room and create art with them. After only 20 minutes working on an art project and having someone connectively listen, many times their blood pressure lowered significantly, and they were able to proceed with their treatment.

Three-quarters of participants in a study published in the journal Art Therapy, experienced lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol during their 45-minute art-making session.  

There are times the hospital room echoes with laughter and joy, and sometimes, yes, we share tears. Connective listening is a skill where you hold space for the person. So often people are distracted and are not present in the moment. That presence coupled with creativity is incredibly impactful.

I have seen the paradigm shifts and the transformation that creative healing can initiate in myself, in loved ones and the impact on thousands of people. As a Keynote speaker for National Organization for the Arts and Healing I spoke about art and resilience.


This work I have been doing is finally at the cutting edge with research now emerging from Harvard Medical School, John Hopkins and other research institutions supporting what I have experienced firsthand for many years.


Neuroarts, an emerging field, studies how the arts change the brain, body, and behavior. In 2019 alone, the World Health Organization compiled more than 3,000 scientific publications that documented the role of the arts in improving physical and mental health, preventing and managing illness, and promoting well-being.

By integrating creative healing programs into healthcare settings, we also counteract burnout and help ease the emotional burden of healthcare workers, this leads to higher-quality care for patients and their families. During the Pandemic I led art initiatives for staff, first online and now I lead them in person. I see the dramatic effect on the wellbeing of workers.

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Virtual Gatherings Are Great for Staff that can't Gather in Person


Art Kits and Deliveries Energize the Staff and Moral

“Engaging with creative and artistic activities has a proven track record of improving individual and population health. Those health benefits, in turn, are deeply linked to economic performance, in part because people are more productive when they are healthier.” Human Capital and the Arts at the World Bank Group (Biondo, 2020)


Paint Parties are a Wonderful Way to Have Fun!


Paint Parties are the Perfect thing to add to any Event

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I have created programs, facilitated programming and led art and innovative initiatives for Inova Cancer Institute, Smith Center for Healing and the Arts, Encounter, HCIF, Washington Hospital Center, The Saville Center, The Mark Center, college campuses, as well as on international retreats, and trainings for numerous organizations. For four years after 9/11, I used the arts and sensory experiences to facilitate cultural healing and inclusion at the International Peace Conference in Washington DC.


Retreats Offer High Level  Rejuvenation and Healing


Restore Your Energy!

Day and Excursion Opportunities

One retreat I led for young women in Puerto Rico, we went swimming in the bioluminescent bay the night after a storm. The micro-organisms lit up our bodies as if we were Tinkerbelle with each movement. As we sparkled in the moonlight we reflected on our own brilliance and how we were meant to shine bright in a world. As we connect with nature in creative ways and step out of our comfort zone, we expand, and we grow. Now, Psychological research is advancing our understanding of how time in nature can improve our mental health and sharpen our cognition.

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Workshops Using Art Are Powerful


Workshops Using Art Are Powerful

I have seen people afraid and anxious become calm and at peace.  Eric R. Maisel Ph.D in Psychology Today confirms my findings, “Art Lowers Anxiety… Art Helps Us Deal with Difficult Realities…” Just looking at art or being in nature can be healing. For centuries, both have been tools for contemplation.

Eggshells Workshops
The Pheonix Project Workshops
“My family thinks I am crazy because I love coming in, you and the nurses mean so much to me. You have been with me in one of the hardest times of my life and I never felt alone."


Looking for people to impact the world with art

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Why We Created This Certification Program

Although it has been proven and although there is great need the challenges are there are not enough trained people in the field. This is not art therapy where you clinically observe a person’s drawing, this is where you hold space for them as you invite them to engage their creative exploration without judgement.  Both fields are important.

People are getting medicated with pills to deal with life instead of realizing the root of the cause is often that we are disconnected from creative practices and nature.


Shannon Borg tells us, “To a child, art-making is as natural as eating or breathing… As we get older, our relationship to art shifts, changes, and becomes rather more complicated.” Not saying that pills are not helpful, many times they are needed, however often there are other methods that are very beneficial.


The good news is there are Social Prescription Programs emerging in which doctors prescribe art classes, and other creative endeavors for healing. But again, we need more people who are trained to facilitate these encounters. 

More and more people in the medical field as well as the corporate world are feeling overwhelmed and on the verge of a burnout. But there are champion leaders looking for innovative ways to support wellness and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in their community and The Creative Healing Connection is a way build connections and make a difference.

We need more people who possess the skills to offer programming.

Looking for people to impact the world with art

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Partners and Collaborators

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